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  Welcome to the Enrollment Website April 19, 2014
Assessment and Service Plan Options for CEIS contracts  Assessment and Service Plan Options for CEIS contracts
This training is highly recommended for CEIS Contract Providers staff delivering CEIS services to clients in Calgary Region. The intent of this training is to increase your knowledge of Assessment strategies, program policy and service plan options.

Training Outline:

This is a two day workshop, from 9am-4pm:

These sessions will be classroom based and will include the following:
  1. Introduction to Alberta Works Programs, business vision and values
  2. Assessment: what is required, policy attached to the SND and the Employability Assessment
  3. Possible outcomes of the SND and Employability Assessment:
    • LINC
    • IQAS
    • Exposure Course Funding
    • Job Placement
    • Workshops
    • Career Planning and Employment Services
  4. Practice exercise with real scenarios
  5. Mobius and You
  6. Question and Answers
  7. Please refrain from wearing any scented lotions, perfumes or after-shaves.

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